Trump Won? Um....So does Trump have a Healthcare Plan?

Trump won?  And of course there are all those Harry Truman Parody's showing Truman holding the newspaper up with the incorrect headline "Dewey Defeats Truman."  Anyone who does not know or is not old enough to remember the election upset of 1948....then Google it! I don't have time to educate all my readers on past political elections!  But what I do have time to do is talk about Trump's Healthcare plan....oh, right....I forgot....we don't know what that plan will be.  Trump simply called it "Repeal and Replace."  But replace with what?  Admittedly Obamacare has been met with mixed reviews and there is certainly room for improvement.  And no matter who you voted for.....I think we could all agree that we wish the new president success in making healthcare better and more affordable for all Americans.  Oh wait....we don't all agree?  Just because I blog, does not mean I have a crystal ball of knowledge on the healthcare question.  I have to sit back and wait to see what happens like everybody else.