Trump will Cherrypick Obamacare

Trump wants to Cherrypick Obamacare

Now that the shock of a Trump presidency has worn off….or has not worn off….I am ready to add in a comment about ObamaCare.  According to news sources, Trump is not going to appeal ObamaCare after all.  Instead he is going to cherrypick the pieces of ObamaCare that he likes, and discard the parts that he hates.  The good news is that Trump wants to keep the “Pre-Existing Conditions” provision and also allow dependents to be on their parents insurance polices until the age of 26.  In addition to that, Trump would like to remove State boundaries for insurance companies which would create more competition among insurance companies….the theory being that competition would keep prices in check.  Sounds pretty good so far.  Check back with my blog in 4 years…..will we be happier with the state of our healthcare and it's affordability?