MultiFocal Contact Lenses...Challenging to Get Right

This is actually a re-write of a rough draft blog entry I wrote several days ago. And what I discovered is that there is no way to write a blog post about Contact Lenses, without the risk of boring and losing your viewers or readers!  So here it goes!!

My previously unpublished post was regarding my recent experience of going to the optometrist and being fitted for “MultiFocal” contact lenses.  MultiFocal Contacts are to Contacts, what Progressive Lenses are to glasses…there are a range of powers that enable you to constantly adjust your focus to see clearly from up close to far and in between.  Multifocal Contact Lenses should not be confused with BiFocal Contact Lenses that have just two powers… for distance and one for reading.

Here’s where trying on and fitting Multifocals gets complicated…..and a Ophthalmologist or Optometrist is way more qualified than I am to explain how they actually do it.  In order for a single lens to be able to help you see up close……and far away…..then sometimes compromises needs to be made.  For example, giving up a little clarity on distance, in order to see better up close.  A good eye doctor should be able to work with you on that.  But it is not easy.  I think there’s actually a little bit of an aptitude for math involved.  Not my forte. 

Right now I am going through the fitting process.  After my initial visit, they gave me a trial pair of daily contacts to wear for a week.  After a week I went back and they made ONE adjustment.  A good way to do the fittings is in small increments. Had they tried to fix too many variables all at once, we would never be sure what variable was actually improving my vision and what was making it worse.  I would be weary of the doctor who was intent on going for the “home run” versus the doctor that realizes that a proper fitting could take several office visits.  

I think it is training and experience that are major factors in finding the right eye care professional to fit MultiFocals.  But it is also a little bit of an art form as well.  Just like anything else…..find the doctor that has been doing contact lens fittings for awhile.

PS:  I’ve worn “Ciba Brand MultiFocal” contacts in the past and like them. I am currently trying “Alcon Dailies” and will let you know if I like them better.