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Questioner: Cheryl
Subject: Conflicting ortho procedures
Date Asked: 2012-08-12 06:26:49
Date Answered: today

My 11 year  has teeth in lower jaw that are over crowded.  One orthodontist wants to remove two teeth on bottom and two on top to keep alignment.  Second orthodontist wants to use lower jaw expander. Which is better procedure in long term?  Is it true that lower jaw expanders can cause TMJ?


I have heard of both approaches that these two orthodontists are proposing.  Each of these orthodontist approaches have their merits. In the first case he/she wants to preserve the alignment....and in the second case he/she wants to preserve the natural born teeth.

However, I would think that BEFORE pulling any teeth or expanding the lower jaw, I would see a good oral surgeon to discuss.  And since your question also mentions TMJ, make sure that the doctor you see has looked at and treated a lot of TMJ cases.

Many dentists will say they can do TMJ, but it is the ones that treat that condition as part of their daily work that I would trust my 11 year old to.

In my opinion....and I am NOT a dentist or doctor....the best TMJ treatment is to avoid something that could create a problem which was not there before.

I don't know much about your son/daughter's teeth, but you may also want to ask your doctor, what would happen if you waited a year or so.  The teeth are still growing, and waiting the year might provide some clues as to the best treatment.

These are just some things to think about about as you explore your options.

Good luck and let me know if you have any further questions.

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