Doctors and Patients Helping Each Other!

Several years ago, I joined in order to help other patients achieve their own healthcare objectives, through my own experiences as a patient.  My goal was for patients to see relationships with their doctors as a partnership….and through better communication with their doctors and healthcare professionals to arrive at an overall more satisfying healthcare outcome.  We should no longer, view our doctors, as only a provider of a service and a cure, and then we sit back and wait for the results.  We have to know how to communicate, be proactive, and teach ourselves how to be healthier human beings.  And with so much uncertainty in our current healthcare system and how are we going to pay our medical bills….this should be all the more incentive in working to make ourselves better patients, and healthier human beings. 

Growing up I used to think of doctors, as magic human beings that would wave a magic wand and we would all be better.  And now in a very positive way, I see them as just people….albeit with the right education and training to make a difference. But we as patients now have tools available to educate ourselves, such as the internet and software apps.  Going forward, I want to continue doing what I have been doing…..which is to help patients think through how they are communicating with their doctor.  I believe patients underestimate how important it is to describe their health issues clearly to their doctors….because a misrepresentation of the problem will be a missed opportunity for a successful outcome.

You can still find me over on…..or hit me up for a question here on  I am very excited about my new website (still ironing out wrinkles…please be patient), and all the new things out there to learn and I look forward to sharing what I find out along the way with my viewers.