I'm Going to Give you the Old Stuff, and you Better Like it!!

I found out this week, that the AllExpert.com site where I have been taking questions for over 6 years suddenly closed!!  All the questions and answers I had stored on Allexperts.com was LOST!! This is where I had answered a few hundred questions from viewers seeking advice from a "Patient's Point of View."  I had really put a lot of effort into that website and had accumulated quite a library of helpful musings from a patient's perspective.  So in a panic, I went digging through my own computer, to see if I had any copies or scraps of previous questions I have received and then replied to.  Most of it was "Gone with the Wind," but I did manage to find about 20 or so questions, that I will "re-post" here in my Blog over the next several weeks.  Not even sure yet, if it was some of the best stuff I have written, but you will get to see it none the less.  So please watch my blog!!