Fights Over Doctor's Waiting Room TV

Let’s face it.  We used to love that doctor’s office waiting room TV, right??  You go to the doctor, you hang out in the waiting room, just appreciating that we don’t have to touch all those nasty magazines on the coffee table…..oh, wait…..we don’t have to read those magazines anymore either….we have a cell phone.

But now, that we have come to EXPECT a TV to be provided, we are very demanding as to what the “The Appropriate” waiting room TV Channel should be.  And how I hate that word “Appropriate.”  That word carries all the political correctness baggage about what television content should be shown to the American waiting room audience.  If it’s news content, then the CNN network might suggest a liberal clientele and Wolf Blitzer could put people to sleep. Or if it is the FOX News Channel, it could offend people and then fights over Donald Trump could break out.  So a middle of the road station like MSNBC is selected instead.  But shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but MSNBC really is not in the middle….it’s really to the left!  ;-)

I hope I don’t offend any doctors out there, BUT the biggest waiting room Debbie Downer is to show an doctor commercial about what can be done at the doctors office.  The last thing I want to do is view a boring informercial for an hour, prior to sitting in the boring dental chair for 2 hours.  And I don’t mean to be cold but the only people that fawn over the wonderfulness of the waiting room informercials are the doctors themselves!!  Doctors sit back, and view their magnificent television creations and think “look at me up there there on the TV!  Isn’t this Great!”  But truth be told, it’s really a torture for bored individuals waiting for their name to be called.  The news is a lot more interesting.

The real prize goes to those waiting rooms that show the HGTV Channel (Homes and Gardens).  Watching “House Hunters” and “Tiny Houses” are interesting enough to pass the time….and they don’t offend anyone.  Nobody is ever going to get hot over the construction of a 300 foot tiny house.