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Subject: Teeth of visdom extraction?
Date Asked: 2012-10-02 09:03:41
Date Answered: today

Hello Doctor Jonathan,
i would like to ask you your opinion about my teeth of visdom. Before extracting them I want to make sure it is necessary. Please take a look at the picture. Currently the tooth on the left (my real left not on the picture) is growing and is a bit painful, but it is normal i suppose. The others do not give me any problem. Please let me know when you get a chance! 
Best regards,


Hi Marek,

Thank you for your question.  First I want to clarify.....I am not a doctor or a dentist. Guidance that I provide is from the "Patient Point of View".

My best advise is to visit a Periodontist and have him make the determination as to whether you need your wisdom teeth extracted.

Where did you get that X-Ray anyway?  If it was ordered by your dentist, you may want to talk to him as well.  Also seek out a second opinion.

And just food for thought.....there is no rule that all four wisdom teeth need to come out at once, if at all.  Ask your dentist about this important question.  It might end up being that you just do one or two, but not all four.

Good luck!

Patient Point of View